Hi. I’m Simon Baker, aka @energizr.

I’m a down-to-earth rebel and disruptive thinker, enlightened leader and no-bullshit adviser to executives. I do things differently and help people get the right things done the right way.

I cofounded Energized Work, an guerrilla software engineering lab based in London, to take a stand against bad software and poor delivery. We’re out to make life simpler with software that’s actually useful and lets people do things the way they want without technology getting in the way. In 2009 I received the Agile Alliance Gordon Pask Award. I’m the author of No Bull and I speak internationally about applying agile and lean principles and techniques in business, software development, and information technology.

I have 20 years helping businesses deliver software across media, retail, healthcare, financial services and banking sectors, so I’m not afraid to question conventional thinking and disrupt the status quo. I feel strongly that work shouldn’t feel like work and I have a track record creating exciting working conditions that help people change the way they deliver software.

My specialties include gin and tonic, margaritas and forerib of beef.

I can be contacted at simon at energizedwork dot com.